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Irresistible  Unforgettable

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The club 10 massage
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Experience the Extraordinary
The Art of Seductive Touch

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A double massage is sometimes referred to as a four handed massage. This is when you are massaged by two therapists at the same time and shouldn't be confused with a couples massage where you and your partner both get massaged.

Imagine two fully nude ladies to help relax and stimulate your senses. Enjoy heightened sensations as four hands glide expertly all over your entire body.

Here at Club10 we offer two types of double massage. The first is the " one way massage ". this is where you simply lay back, relax and let the ladies take care of relieving your stresses

The second is the two way massage. This is where you get to reciprocate and massage the masseuse unde4r the watchful eye and guidance of teh second therapist and who knows, maybe pick up a tip or two.



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